Standard Maintenance Services

Our mechanics are fully certified to perform a wide range of auto services and maintenance checks. We want to prevent damage before it happens by keeping your vehicle in top shape. That’s why we offer regular automotive maintenance services that include checking and changing oil, coolant, and other fluids, replacing wipers, diagnosing electrical system issues, checking headlight, brake light, signal light functions, checking and replacing air filter and oil filter, rotating and checking tire pressure, and testing and repairing brakes.

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Engine Auto Service

Our experienced auto mechanics provide comprehensive engine diagnostics, factory-scheduled maintenance, tune-ups, rebuilds, and repairs. Whether you’re looking for the basics like check engine light diagnostics or something more specific like engine overhauls or engine rebuilding services, we’ve got you covered. We also offer engine cleaning services that include cleaning all the essential moving, filtering, and mechanical components.

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Heating and A/C Repair

For the best cooling and heating auto repair service in Independence, trust Ryan’s Car Care Center. We offer a full range of heating and cooling system diagnostics, as well as heating system and air conditioning repair and service. Our trained technicians are also masters of belt, compressor, and evaporator repair and replacement.

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Auto Electrical Repair

We are trained and certified to perform electrical system repairs on virtually every automotive brand on the market - including EVs! We can fix engine troubles, electrical wiring malfunctions, computing problems, and more. Our excellent service is wide-ranging in determining auto solutions and getting the best results for each individual client. We’ve kept up with developments in automotive technology like cruise control, self-steering, navigational computing, and more. We’ve mastered it all.

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Brake Repairs and Service

If you need your brakes repaired or tuned up, there’s only one name you need to know: Ryan’s Car Care Center. Let our certified brake specialists recalibrate, replace, and repair the brakes on your vehicle. We always begin with a full brake system inspection and diagnostic check and get to the bottom of brake issues.
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Steering and Suspensions

Get your steering and suspension system checked and repaired by Ryan’s Car Care Center. We offer a full range of steering and suspension repair services, including wheel alignment, shock and strut replacement, and power steering services. We also flush and refill your power steering fluid, replace your power steering pump and hoses, and fix any leaks or noises. We check and service all components to ensure your vehicle drives safely and smoothly.

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Batteries & Alternators

At Ryan’s Car Care Center, we offer a full range of battery and alternator services. We can test your battery’s voltage, capacity, and alternator output using industry-standard diagnostic equipment. We can also replace your old or dead battery with a new one that matches your vehicle’s specifications. If you have a faulty alternator, we can replace it with a new or rebuilt one that meets or exceeds the original equipment standards. We are an official dealer of FVP® batteries in Independence, Missouri.

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Tire and Alignment Services

One-stop solution for all your tire needs in Independence. Experience smoother rides and extended tire life with our expert tire installations and precise alignments for optimal handling and performance. We can also replace your tires if they are beyond repair or if you want to upgrade to a different type or size of tire. We have a wide selection of tires from various brands and models to suit your vehicle’s needs and preferences.

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Can't find the service you are looking for?

Ryan’s Car Care Center is a full-service shop that offers many more auto repair services. Please contact us with details of the specific issue that you are facing. We are ready to get to the heart of any problems with your vehicle’s performance.

Nationwide Warranty — We Are A Part of the FMP Partners Network℠

As a part of the FMP Partners Network℠, Ryan’s Car Care Center provides a 24-month/24,000-mile nationwide warranty for almost every repair we make on your vehicle. Wherever you drive, we’ve got you covered!